Trillium Mortgage Est. 1989: Tried and Trusted for over 29 years

Residential Mortgages

Large house with exposed stone bricks on the outside and a deep green lawn and a garden of bushes around the perimeter of the house.

At Trillium Mortgage, we take the time during our preliminary assessment to learn what is important to you and understanding your immediate challenges and long-term goals. We can then present you with options that help you achieve your long-term objectives regardless of your situation.

Whether you have been turned down by the major banks, you are self employed, have good credit or bad credit or are behind in your mortgage payments; whatever your personal circumstances may be, Trillium Mortgage can help.

We will not only find you the lowest rates, we will also show you how to pay off your mortgage faster. At the end of the day, saving you money is what really counts!

Private Mortgages

  • Private first mortgages to 80% of property value*
  • Private second mortgages to 90% of property value*
  • Private third mortgages to 85% of property value*
  • Home equity mortgages and lines of credit

Power of Sale

  • Power of Sale refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing

  • Credit Proposal pay out or refinancing
  • Arrears refinancing for mortgage arrears, property tax arrears, REV CAN arrears, Credit card and auto payments arrears
  • Repossession refinancing
  • Bad credit or no credit
  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvement

*Some rates are location specific. Please contact us to get an accurate quote for your mortgage.