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Residential Mortgages

At Trillium Mortgage, we take the time during our preliminary assessment to learn what is important to you and understanding your immediate challenges and long-term goals. We can then present you with options that help you achieve your long-term objectives regardless of your situation.

Whether you have been turned down by the major banks, you are self employed, have good credit or bad credit or are behind in your mortgage payments; whatever your personal circumstances may be, Trillium Mortgage can help.

We will not only find you the lowest rates, we will also show you how to pay off your mortgage faster. At the end of the day, saving you money is what really counts!

Have you been turned down by the bank?

We are experts at hard to place private mortgages and second mortgages. As a matter of fact, over 90% of our clients have poor credit and we pride ourselves on getting fast approvals.

we will get your private mortgage done with minimal paperwork

If you are reading this and you have already been served a power of sale notice it is not too late to act!

Most mortgages can be redeemed and for most clients they can resume their normal payments if the mortgage is caught up or paid off; you should consult your lawyer to confirm what your rights are.

There are lenders who are willing to help clients that are having trouble maintaining their mortgage payments. If you are behind in your mortgage payments or your home is currently at risk of power of sale call us today.

Let us show you how you can use the equity in your home to help you avoid a power of sale situation.

With the high costs of living, layoffs and a host of other financial problems it is not hard to fall behind.

If you are struggling financially with your payments you should consider refinancing or restructuring your mortgage so the payments are more manageable sand get relief form harassing creditor calls

Contact us today to find out how you can avoid mortgage arrears or a power of sale situation.