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Commercial Mortgages

Trillium Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage that provides bridge loans, construction loans, and second mortgages on office, industrial, retail, multifamily, self-storage, hotel, and condominium properties across Canada.

Loan sizes can range from anywhere between $250,000 to $50,000,000+ and clients range from large institutional borrowers and REITs to individual real estate investors and clients seeking financing on owner-occupied buildings.

Trillium has relationships with a variety of lenders including banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage funds, and private lenders.

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Commercial mortgage lenders can be very specific about the type of properties, locations, and industries they will consider. ‚Äč

Even if you fit with the criteria of a lender, there still is no guarantee that they will be able to help you due to the fact that their portfolio and funding requirements are always changing.

As an example, if a lender has too high a concentration of assets in one category, industry, or even geography, they may decline a perfectly solid application that they themselves would have approved and funded only months earlier.

As a result, commercial property funding can very much be a moving target and requires knowledge of who's lending and who's not at any given point of time for any type of commercial application.

Land development financing is for the most part equity financing, which falls towards private mortgage lending for a considerable number of projects.

For banks or institutional lenders to be interested in land development lending for either a new subdivision or completion of site work prior to building construction, there needs to considerable cash invested in the deal by the owner and/or developer, and there needs to be a strong exit strategy supported by binding pre sale agreements.

In many cases, there are good development projects out there that, for one or more reasons, cannot quite meet the requirements of an institutional lender.

When this occurs, private mortgage lending can be the next best option to consider.

At Trillium, we understand the challenges you face bringing your project to a successful finish. We also are aware of the market place. Lenders and investors want to be sure that the terms and conditions they offer will result in completed projects and the rewards of a successful investment strategy.

Our strength lies in bringing you together with the right lender to ensure a successful relationship for both parties. Getting the right mix of construction funding is our specialty. We recognize the unique circumstances of your construction project, and help you raise the capital that suits your project needs. At Trillium, we find the construction and development loan that is right for you.