Trillium Mortgage Est. 1989: Tried and Trusted for over 29 years
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About Trillium Mortgage

Since Trillium Mortgage was founded in 1989, we have seen thousands of different mortgage scenarios and have successfully solved these to client’s satisfaction. Trillium Mortgage has evolved into the leading mortgage brokerage for private mortgages. On average 96% of mortgages arranged are private mortgages and we draw from our extensive lender data base of more than 300 private lenders, providing solutions to very difficult situations for our clients.


Trillium Mortgage are private mortgage and alternative mortgage (non bank or trust company mortgages) specialists. Our expertise is in the private mortgage and alternative mortgage market. We offer solutions for applicants with bad credit, non provable income, power of sale, credit proposal, in short – all applicants that banks or trusts decline.

Our friendly Trillium Mortgage professionals with up to 30 years of experience take the time with clients to get all the facts and conditions right. We start by knowing what is important to you and provide expert advice with the end goal of making sure you get the best deal possible for total client satisfaction.

The mortgage market and mortgage circumstances can be confusing and complicated. Our team will deal with you directly with one dedicated professional for your deal. We will cut through the red tape and take the time to explain difficult situations and offer solutions to your specific set of conditions.